Defunding Planned Parenthood


Defunding Planned Parenthood as a provider of family planning. Of Medicaid. Of Title X. What does this do exactly?

See, because here’s the thing I don’t quite get. Even if those on the right ARE correct, which is a big IF, that there are other providers. Other providers of family planning services, not just some Medicaid services but THESE specific services.

And they are able to take new patients.

Then what you’ve accomplished is what?

In Indiana, almost 10,000 women will have to walk or drive a little farther. Or map out a new bus route. Maybe this new clinic isn’t on their way to work. Maybe it’s not open on Saturdays or evenings, or Tuesday afternoons, which is their only time off. And they have to see a new doctor, who doesn’t know their medical history, maybe doesn’t respect them, doesn’t have the warm/cool/friendly/all business touch or attitude they prefer.

Maybe all you’ve done is slightly inconvenience them. Frankly, I don’t really see any glory in that.

And you haven’t created jobs (probably killed some, though).

And you haven’t saved the taxpayer any money, because the premise of your argument is that these women (and men) will get services elsewhere. Ironically, often at public health clinic or provider, increasing the reliance on government to provide services. Directly.

And you haven’t stopped Planned Parenthood, who will exist without you.

And you haven’t stopped abortion. You haven’t really stopped a single abortion at all.

And you admit all these things. Freely.

(Goodness knows how you defend even one woman forgoing her regular contraception, or her pap smear, or breast cancer screening while she waits for her new provider to have an open slot, or works their new hours into her schedule, or takes the time to research where she needs to go – because although they’re on your list, I don’t think many women would like to receive care at the Indiana Women’s Prison. When that woman has an unplanned pregnancy, or her cancer goes undetected, I hope you don’t just contemplate the additional money you’ve cost your state but the woman whose LIFE you’ve changed.)

So we’re back to AT BEST, inconveniencing women. Yay?

Our country faces some serious fiscal, environmental and foreign policy issues, and this is what you’ve been working on.


Defunding Planned Parenthood might make you feel good. It might even make some of your constituents “feel” good. Like you’ve strong-armed your position as the majority in the legislature and said, “This is OUR OPINION and even though there is no legal or tangible effect for citizens in us having our way, it makes us “feel” good."

It’s just… disappointing. And petty.

I don’t really agree with your solutions for fixing the economy or the debt. But this, this isn’t even one of those solutions. It’s like you’re not even trying.

And you know what it “feels” like, to me? Like you’re flaunting your power, your majority, your supposed superior morals, while Americans struggle. Struggle with unemployment. With too-expensive health care. With foreclosure. Americans who struggle with a family member serving overseas in one of our “wars.”

And it seems you’ve forgotten that these Americans, these Americans who are struggling… many of these Americans voted for you.


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