Leitch's title is obviously meant to inflame the supporters of Dr Wakefield for reactions

Here's one... I've never heard a more self-serving person than to use one's own child's disability (if indeed she has a disability) to gain notoriety by repeating the lies of Brian Deer, the drug industry and the kangaroo proceedings of the GMC.

Anyone with intelligence can see how Glaxo (Britain's MMR maker) manipulated this farce from the moment Crispin Davis was made a paid Glaxo board member in June 2003. 7 months later his employee, Richard Horton, who had supported Dr Wakefield for 6 years, turned on Wakefield based on the lies of Brian Deer. Deer is the employee of current paid Glaxo board member James Murdoch. Davis' brother "Judge" Nigel made the decision to deny the appeal for funds for the MMR litigants suing Glaxo about the same time as the multiple pronged attack on Dr Wakefield occurred in 2004.

How much would anyone guess the GMC wrung out of this cash cow over a 6-years-long drawn out "trial" instigated and supported by Deer's "facts"? "Science" and "Justice"is for sale in merry old England, but the price is much cheaper there than in the USA and they are more brazen (or stupid) about it.

I'm not here to debate Leitch... just to let him know it is clear to everyone with the ability to think & who has read the whole story about Dr Wakefield, that Leitch is a wretch for taking a position of falsely speaking from authority to turn a dime.

I hope his daughter does become aware and intelligent enough to join those of us who are able to see through Leitch's ruse... but somehow I don't think her feelings will matter to him if she does. The truth doesn't matter to Leitch and the kids who may be denied compensation, their families relief and the future families he helps to undoubtedly impact if vaccines are causing autism, they don't matter to him either. And about Leitch's daughter... how will she feel if, god willing, she recovers and is able to think and suspects his complicity as I do? How about his other kids? Think about that the next time you support the KNOWN lies and deceptions of Deer and the drug industry and the people they have bribed

Stop turning dimes. Go visit a family dealing with regressive autism, learn what trial and tribulation means


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