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by Susan Sommers and Theresa Dugwell

Authors of Power Source for Women: Proven Fitness Strategies, Tools, and Success Stories for Women 45+, BPS Books, $19.95, paperback.

Toronto, ON Canada… If you are looking for motivation to start (or return to) fitness, ask yourself the following 3 questions:

1.  WHAT do you want to achieve through fitness?

Do you believe that you can attain your fitness goal? Can you picture where you want to be? Have you taken the time to plan the path to get there? You may not be able to control the outcome of all of life’s challenges, but you can chose how you evaluate and grow with each experience.

2.  WHY do you want to achieve your fitness goals?

WHY is it important that you achieve the goal that you have just defined?

Take a few minutes and begin to shape your WHY. It will fuel your desire, determination and dedication as you pursue your goal.  You set goals for a reason, so you need to be clear on why you want to achieve a specific outcome.  You need to come up with enough compelling reasons to make it a priority. Some may be internal, such as to push yourself, to gain energy, or to manage stress. Other reasons may be external, such as to enjoy doing fitness-related activities with family and friends or to look great in your clothes. Both internal and external reasons may be needed to motivate you.

Your WHY is what will create your solid foundation. 

For example, if your goal is to become motivated to start exercising five days a week, your WHY might be so that you can fit into your old red party dress for the 50th birthday party that your husband is throwing for you in three months.  You want to look great in a dress that you have not put on in years.  Now that is a strong motivator because you only have three months to achieve this, so that means you have to get serious about sticking to a new exercise program.

Remember it has to be a strong WHY; it has to propel you and keep you grounded when you feel like giving up. You need to have the right combination of reasons to drive you in the right direction and to stay the course.

Once you have your “WHY”, ,” there are three stages in your fitness program;

3.  Examine your 3 Internal Drives

Congratulations for defining your WHY! 

The next step is to understand your 3 Internal Drives, which are critical factors for success:

1.  Desire

Throughout our journey together, you will complete a number of self-assessment questionnaires and tools. You’ll start to understand what it is going to take to get YOU moving and find ways to access that power source within you that is waiting to come alive

2.  Determination

Once you embrace your desire, it is the determination and dedication that will carry you to your goal.  Keep your mind on what you want to achieve.  The relentless quest, the energy that keeps you going day after day, is what will be your determination.  If you can stay focused, dedicated and determined in your quest for your goal, you will succeed.   

3.  Dedication

You can define dedication as the price you must pay to achieve what you want.  You want to feel good about your body, you want to have energy, and you want to be physically fit.  All of this is possible, but it requires a certain amount of time for you to be willing to dedicate to achieving what you want.  It is easy to dream and it feels good to think of the possibilities.  Real change requires a stick-to-it attitude.

You need dedication to move towards your goals.  Keep your resolve strong no matter what obstacles get in the way. You can achieve your goals, you have to believe that you are capable of achieving your goals. It’s not always easy to stay dedicated, but it is imperative if you are to succeed.

On a scale from 1-10, how dedicated are you at this moment to achieving your goal?  If your number is not an absolute 10, then you need to go back and revisit your WHY.

As we travel through this journey together, remember that you will be faced with moments when you need to be honest with yourself and remind yourself WHY you are doing this.  This is how you keep the fire burning, build momentum, and begin to access that internal drive called motivation.

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