700-Pound Pauline Potter of California is 'World's Fattest Woman'


Pauline Potter of Sacramento, California, has officially entered the 'Guinness Book of Records' as the world's heaviest woman at 700 pounds, but now she wants to the lose the weight.

The 47-year-old had boasted that men think she is a “sex goddess” and has “fantastic sex every day,” but she cannot turn over in bed and or fit in her car.

She wants to lose as much as 500 pounds so that she can go dancing, do road trips and fit in seats at the movie theatre.

Potter blames her upbringing and genes as the main reasons for her size: “My mom was over 400 pounds and my dad over 600. I have eight siblings, all which are over 300, except one. We were just raised, that if it was happy we'd celebrate with food, if it was sad, oh you fell down and skinned your knee, here's ice-cream.”

She has repeatedly postponed losing weight, but has decided it is now time to do something about her size as she has to rely on her son for help: “Everything is difficult from getting dressed to taking a bath. I can't put my own socks on. As far as my daily activity I do, everything is very difficult and thank goodness I have a very good relationship with my son and he is very helpful. He helps me do anything that's difficult.”

The record holder tries to keep active by going to a rehabilitation pool three to five times a week where she does laps, but Potter has to use a mobility scooter to get around and can no longer get into her car.

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Potter said that she likes all foods, except sauerkraut and Brussels sprouts.

She looks forward to living a normal life, including gambling: “I would be in seventh heaven. I could dance, I could go watch Baseball games, I could walk into a Theatre and sit in the seats, I could go on road trips again with my son, we could go to Reno and gamble.”

Potter is looking for a nutritionist and doctor to help her, but said she also has the support of her network of friends online. She regrets getting this big and would not recommend her lifestyle to anyone. “I don't even know how to say, it's not fun, and it’s not fun at all. There is no physical freedom.”

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