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70 Pound, 15-Year-Old Girl Escapes Basement; Parents Arrested

Just a horrible case of child abuse in Wisconsin, where a 15-year-old girl who weighed just 70 pounds was allegedly forced to live in a basement by her parents, sometimes eating her own excrement to survive.

The Daily Mail reports the girl managed to escape the house last week and neighbors found her, walking barefoot and wearing pajamas. They called police, who rushed the girl to the hospital and arrested the parents.

The girl said her father and stepmother forced her to live in the basement for years, often beating her and given little food, while her three step-siblings were allowed to live in the good health upstairs.

Police say the stepmother brought her out of the basement "to clean some papers." When she wasn't working fast enough, the girl said the enraged woman threatened to throw her down the stairs. That's when she feared for her life and left the house.

The parents, identified by the Wisconsin State Journal as 42-year-old Melinda Drabek-Chritton and Chad Chritton, 40, are charged with suspicion of child abuse and neglect.

The father tried to give police lame medical explanations for the girl's condition, but they weren't buying any of it. 

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