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'There Are No Words': 7-Year-Old Dies After Doctor Misdiagnoses Appendicitis

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A 7-year-old U.K. girl died of acute appendicitis after she was misdiagnosed with a stomach bug, according to court records.

An inquest was held to investigate the death of 7-year-old Malaika Adam.

Malaika Adam had been complaining of diarrhea for two days before she saw an after-hours doctor on May 13. When Malaika’s mother, Donna Howe, asked if her daughter could be suffering from appendicitis, the doctor reportedly replied that Malaika’s diarrhea was simply from a stomach flu, the Mirror reports.

Two days later, Malaika’s condition worsened until she suffered cardiac arrest and died after being rushed to the hospital on May 15.

“I’ve lost one of the most precious things in my life,” Howe, 38, said at the inquest. “There are no words to describe what a loss it is, to be honest.”

During a post-mortem examination, it was determined that peritonitis was caused as a result of acute appendicitis with perforation. In other words, Malaika’s appendix burst and released bacteria into her body.

In honor of Malaika, hundreds of people showed up to her funeral and released white helium balloons to celebrate her life. Her family also decorated the area with pink and purple balloons.

Howe noted that a garden will be built in memory of Malaika, who loved to play in her family's garden with her siblings. Currently, a fundraiser is in the works to help build one in Polsteads, Vange, Essex.

“We thought it would be a good thing for Khaleesi to have to work on,” Howe said. “Her hair has started to fall out because of all of this and this will be a way for her to focus and remember her sister.”

The family hopes to plant cherry trees in the garden. During a fundraising walk on July 18, they plan to raise about $1,800 for the garden.

The inquest is set to continue during the week of September 28.

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