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7-Year-Old Boy Pricked By Meth Needle Found In Abandoned Teddy Bear (Video)


A first grade boy in Nevada was pricked by a meth needle he found inside a teddy bear, MyNews4 reports.

The boy, 7, reportedly found the teddy bear in a trash can on the playground at Mark Twain Elementary School in Carson City, Nevada. After picking up the stuffed animal, he "pricked" his hand on a syringe hidden inside (video below).

Carson City police deputies responded to the incident shortly after noon on Oct. 28.

Police found a total of five hypodermic syringes inside the bear, as well as alcohol containers on the playground near the trash can where the stuffed toy was found.

Testing confirmed the presence of methamphetamine on the syringes, including the one that pricked the boy, according to a statement made by Carson City Police Chief Ken Furlong. Authorities are currently performing additional tests for communicable diseases.

Police are also examining the syringes for DNA and fingerprints as part of the ongoing investigation into the incident.

The boy was taken to a local emergency room for treatment after school officials contacted his parents and grandparents. Furlong told MyNews4 that the boy's health would likely have to be monitored for at least a year.

The school playground, where the teddy bear was found, is open to public use through an agreement with the city's Parks and Recreation Department, according to officials at Mark Twain Elementary. 

This was not the first time a syringe was found inside a stuffed animal. In September 2012, KTVE reported that a woman and her daughter found a similar needle inside a stuffed toy won at a fair in Monroe, Louisiana.

Sources: MyNews4, KTVE / Photo credit: Carson City Sheriff's Office/Facebook


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