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65-Year-Old Woman Has 51-Pound Tumor Removed

In Red Bank, New Jersey, a 51-pound cancerous sarcoma tumor was removed from a 65-year-old woman identified as 'Evelyn' on June 4.

Evelyn told CBS New York that she noticed her stomach growing in April, but wasn’t in any pain: “We were kidding about it, of course. But we didn’t know it that it was something really, really serious."

Evelyn went from 120 pounds to over 170 pounds, by the time she got health insurance and was able to have the procedure.

The tumor was crushing one of the main veins that carries blood to her heart, so doctors had to remove it before Evelyn's scheduled operation.

Dr. David Dupree at Riverview Medical Center said: “She was a skinny lady with a huge belly. I mean it looked like she was literally pregnant with triplets. The size was something I’d never seen."

Dr. Dupree added that it took two sugeons to lift the tumor out: “The reason she didn’t go earlier was because she had no insurance. We both literally had to hold our hands together to lift this 51-pound tumor out."

During the five-hour "touch-and-go-surgery" surgery, 51-pound tumor have engulfed many internal organs and had to be cut apart one millimeter at a time.


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