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62-Year-Old Man Finds He Had Something Stuck In His Abdomen (Photo)

A 62-year-old man finally went to the doctor to find out why he constantly had to pee for the last 20 years. After some tests, the man was determined to have a large mass that resembled an egg pressing on his bladder.

At first, doctors ordered urine and blood samples. When the results came back as normal, the man was sent to have a CT scan of his midsection done.

Doctors then noticed the large mass pressing against his bladder. After finding the lump, doctors used a camera on a wire to film the inside of his abdomen. There they found the “free-floating, smooth, firm and rubbery” mass.

It resembled a boiled egg.

The mass was almost 4 inches long, 3 inches wide and weighed about half of a pound. That is about the weight of a large orange.

Doctors think that the mass formed when a pouch of fat in the colon’s membrane twisted so that it detached. The mass then becomes calcified.

The case was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. This journal has published work stating that any loose mass wider than 5 cm is very rare. According to the journal, only a few have been reported in medicinal journals.

These masses usually go unnoticed when they are small but can grow to block the bladder, press on the bladder, or obstruct the bowel. In this man’s case, the mass was pressing on his bladder, forcing him to have to pee frequently.

Doctors dyed the mass to determine the makeup of it. The "egg" contained fibrous tissue, protein and fibrous material in the middle.

Sources: Daily Mail

Photo Source: Daily Mail


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