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61-Year-Old Man On the Run After Fathering 13-Year-Old Girl's Newborn Triplets

A 61-year-old man is on the run in the Dominican Republic after the 13-year-old girl he had a sexual relationship with recently gave birth to triplet boys.

In the Dominican Republic, the legal age of consent is currently 18, but the country actually has an extremely high rate of teen pregnancies, with around 15 percent of teenager girls becoming mothers.

The 61-year-old man is now being hunted by authorities who plan to charge him with sexually abusing a child. If found and charged, the man could face decades in prison for his crime.

The three triplet boys, named Samuel, Joshua, and Jovanny, were all born premature and each weighed around 3-4lbs at birth, but doctors expect them to survive. The young mother of the newborn babies is reportedly “happy” after giving birth, despite the seriousness of the situation with the much older man.

Doctors say the girl is expected to return home with her children soon. Police are still actively searching for the 61-year-old man who fathered the teenage girl’s children.


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