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6-Year-Old Girl Pricks Self With Needle, Mom Up In Arms

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A Washington mother is up in arms after her 6-year-old girl was accidentally pricked by a hypodermic needle on Aug. 9 while she was playing in a park in her neighborhood.

Charlee Moore was playing in Kelso Rotary Park in Longview, Washington, when she was pricked by the needle.

“She was getting dressed and was changing her shoes and told me she had a sliver in her foot,” her mother, Emilee Moore, told “We saw a needle shard sticking out of her foot.”

Charlee was then taken to the St. John Medical Center where doctors put her through a battery of blood tests to see if she has any blood-borne illnesses. The girl must repeat the tests every six weeks for six months.

“I was completely freaked out,” the mother said. “I called the doctor, and he told me to get her over to the hospital for testing. It was about six hours before they could do the blood work. They told me she could have hepatitis C and also HIV.”

Emilee took to Facebook to voice her ire surrounding the incident and the post has since gone viral.

The mother has since mustered a group of supporters who have decided to protest what they claim to be increased drug use in the area. Many protesters say the homeless shelter nearby is to blame.

The girl’s grandfather is City Councilman Rick Roberson, and he will reportedly attempt to shut down the shelter due to the drug problem.

Despite the issues, the shelter does not have a sobriety policy though it does prohibit drugs in the facility.

“I have heard rumors about syringes, so I knew to be cautious,” said Emilee, who says she checked the park for needles before her two children played there. “Marshall and Charlee had shoes on, and I searched the perimeter with a stick to make sure I didn’t see anything. It seemed safe so they played for about an hour. As we got ready to go, Charlee said ‘Mom I have a sliver.’ I go to remove it, and then I notice she has a needle sticking out of her foot!”

Emilee says doctors told her, “the chance of getting anything is slim, but they need to watch her blood for six months.” 

Source:, KGW (AP) / Photo credit: Emilee L. Moore/Facebook


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