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Moldy Breast Implants Cause Severe Illness In Woman

A mother of five was suicidal after suffering major health problems, which turned out to be the result of moldy breast implants.  

The Daily Mail reports that 45-year-old Dee Hicks from Satellite Beach, Florida, was bed-ridden for six months after suffering unexplained hair loss, chest pains, and rashes over her body.  

Doctors originally chalked her symptoms up to menopause, but Hicks grew concerned and did her own research online.  She discovered that she was likely suffering from moldy breast implants.  That's when she paid $6,500 to have them removed. 

Hicks claims she felt "like a new person" just one day after removing her moldy implants and explains how she found out it was the implants: 

I lived in a beach community in Florida where everyone has them. I was the last one of my friends to go ahead with it. Ever since I had them put in I had these rashes. I thought it was a heat rash - they were there three or four times a week. 

This past year [my health] really took a nose dive. I was having double vision so I went to see a doctor who did test and showed it was inflammation. but wasn't sure what was causing it. I spent thousands of dollars on tests to find out what was wrong and not even one time did any of the doctors say it could be implants making me sick.

She added, "The doctors were telling me I was fine and it was in my head. A lot put it down as premenopause."  

Hicks claimed she lost her job as a result of her declining health, and suffered from depression.  

"I was absolutely bed-ridden the last month and even six months prior to having them removed I was withdrawn. The brain fog I had was one of the most horrific [experiences]. When my brain started going it was so frustrating. My friends knew something was wrong, and they thought I was dying. I couldn't be a good mum or a good wife because I was sick. I was out of it for six months. The last month I could hardly get out of bed and I was having suicidal thoughts."

Hicks claims her health improved the moment she removed her implants.  "As soon as I had them removed, my vision and hearing improved. My skin and old scars that wouldn't heal before began to heal. My sex drive returned and my husband and I are better then ever. My quality of life has done a 360 turn. I started to recover after 24 hours and four days later I was a new person."

According to D Breath, moldy breast implants are extremely rare.  If a doctor performs a closed technique, which has been the norm for the last 25 years, the likelihood of occurrence is near-zero.

Sources: Daily Mail, D Breath / Photo credit: Consulting Room

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