3 Ways Drinking Alcohol is Actually Good for You

We all know drinking too much alcohol can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, dementia and death. It's also a given that drunk driving is irresponsible and dangerous.

Drinking in moderation, however, has been shown to be surprisingly good for both your body and your brain, in several ways. An article on Cracked.com has the scoop.

First, getting a buzz on can help you survive accidents. It sounds improbable, but read on. The Cracked.com article gives the example of a drunk man jumping out of a fifth-floor window - twice - and ending up with only cuts and bruises. Under the influence of alcohol, the central nervous system is depressed, which means the muscles are relaxed. Reflexes are also slowed, meaning the body doesn't tense up when it anticipates a painful situation. Thus, the drunken window-jumper didn't break his arms or legs.

Next, drinking in moderation can help you be a better lover. While drinking too much can stop a man from getting or sustaining an erection, studies show that moderate drinkers are 20-30% less likely to experience erectile dysfunction than non-drinkers. In fact, a few drinks can sometimes improve the quality and duration of a man's erection.

Thirdly, having a moderate amount of drinks a week may mean your brain stays in better shape longer. Research has indicated that moderate drinking could improve your short-term memory and protect your brain from degenerative conditions like dementia. In one study, people who had around 30 drinks a week did better on math and logic tests than non-drinkers.

Head to Cracked.com to read about three more ways alcohol can improve your health.


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