"6-Legged" Baby Born in Pakistan


Doctors in Pakistan are appealing to medical experts around the world to help save a "six-legged" baby.

The New York Daily News reports that the baby boy was born last week and is currently being treated at the National Institute of Child Health in Karachi. Director Jamal Raza said the boy had a conjoined twin which was premature, so those are the four extra limbs that he now has.

“One of the babies is not fully developed, giving the present physical structure to the baby,” Raza told the website The News Tribe.

Experts say this condition effects just one baby out of one million births.

As doctors attempt to figure out how to save the baby's life, the boy's father is asking for help to pay the enormous bills.

“I can’t afford to visit Karachi and get treatment for my baby,” Imran Shaikh said. “I appeal to philanthropists and the government to come forward for the treatment.”


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