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6 Healthy Snacks and Recipes for the Super-Duper Bowl

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It’s almost time for the big game, and you know what that means—lots of really unhealthy treats and snacks around, particularly of the fried variety. But instead of not eating at all during the game (that’s no fun!), why not pick up some of the snacks below or make one of these fab recipes? Here’s to a healthier Super-Duper Bowl!

Healthy Snack Tips for the Big Game

1. Swap out your normal tortilla chips. Instead of using tortilla chips in those nachos or worse, those flavored nacho-cheese chips for munching, try these healthier chips instead! High in protein, fiber and good fats, you still have to watch your portion size, but you get way more nutritional bang for your caloric buck! Or, try using crunchy veggies such as carrots, celery and jicama sticks as dippers.

2. Serve healthy dips. Your guests won’t miss those creamy, fatty dips when you have this kicky black-bean hummus around. It’s not only more filling than your usual dip, it’s a breeze to make! Or try this Acorn Squash Dip with Roasted Pumpkin Seeds on Wasa crackers. Yum!

3. Bake your usual fried foods. If we’ve learned anything from the Hungry Girl books we’ve reviewed, it’s that you can turn any fatty food into a lower-calorie version that tastes just as darn good. Take these jalapeño poppers or this recipe for low-fat chocolate cupcakes as proof!

4. Sub Greek yogurt for sour cream. We absolutely love Greek yogurt’s high-protein, no-fat nutritional profile. And with its thick creaminess that tastes somewhat sour, it makes for the perfect sour cream substitution with way fewer calories. Use it in dips or top nachos, chili or baked potatoes with it! Deeelish!

5. Flavor with herbs—not salt. So many appetizers and snack foods are so high in sodium! Sodium can increase your blood pressure, leave you bloated and just make you feel like poo. So instead of salting your foods at the big game or buying overly sodium-filled snacks, follow these low-sodium tricks!

6. Watch the drinks. If you’re like me and can’t bear to think about watching the big game without a big mug of beer (and you’re of the legal drinking age), know that it’s all about moderation—and information—when it comes to drinking. Stick to just one or maybe two drinks, and be sure to choose one of these lower-calorie drink choices or try making this fruity cocktail! It’s a bit girlie for the big game, but who cares!

Don’t forget that you can always burn those calories off with our interactive football game workout! What’s your favorite healthy snack to have while you watch the big game? —Jenn

*We’re calling it the super-duper Bowl and the “big game” because a certain football league doesn’t like the words Super and Bowl to be used together by people other than the certain football league.


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