56-Pound Tumor Removed from 70-Year-Old Joy Self


A geriatric Texas woman had a tumor the size of a beach ball removed from her ovary almost ten years after she first noticed the growth, according to the Daily News.

The septuagenarian Joy Self noticed her stomach beginning to swell in the early half of the 2000s. When she finally had the growth removed last month it weighed in at over 56 pounds. Fortunately for Self, the tumor was not cancerous.

The lighter, healthier Self spoke with CBS News about her condition before the operation this week. “My back and my ribcage just hurt really bad,” she said. “I had tables to hold onto as I walked to the rooms and stuff like that.”

Self says she was reluctant to seek medical treatment because she was afraid of doctors, a common phobia known in the medical field as “white coat syndrome.” As the cyst continued to balloon out of control, however, the pain became too much to bear and Self was forced to undergo surgery.

Dr. Hefferman from Medical City Dallas diagnosed Self’s ailment and performed the surgery. He told CBS, “The pressure it was generating really was cutting off blood supply to her legs and was preventing blood flow back to her heart."

While whopping, Self’s tumor is nowhere near the biggest on record. There are several documented cases of tumors weighing over 100 pounds. The largest ever was a 303-pound benign growth excised from a California woman in 1991.

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