5-Year-Old Zach Avery: I Want to be a Girl

A five-year-old boy in England has decided he wants to be a girl, and everyone from his parents to his school to doctors are accepting it -- he has been officially diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder (GID), one of the youngest people ever to be diagnosed with the disorder in the United Kingdom.

The Telegraph reports that the mother of Zach Avery said her son was a "normal" little boy until a little more than a year ago when he suddenly decided he wanted to be a girl. He became obsessed with girls clothes and all-things girly.

"He just turned round to me one day when he was three and said, 'Mommy, I'm a girl'. I assumed he was just going through a phase and just left it at that," said his mother, Theresa Avery. "But then it got serious and he would become upset if anyone referred to him as a boy."

She added, "He used to cry and try to cut off his willy out of frustration."

The parents took Zach to specialists who diagnosed him with GID.

"They told us that although he had a male body, his brain was telling him he was a girl," Theresa said.

His parents started dressing Zach as a girl, even at school.

"We explained to the other kids at the school that Zachy's body was that of a boy but in his brain he was a girl. We said Zach was just happier being a girl than a boy," Theresa said. "But the other kids haven't batted an eyelid, they've accepted Zach as Zach and there's been no problems at the school with bullying."

The school went so far as to make its bathrooms unisex to accommodate Zach.

British officials say only seven children under the age of five were diagnosed with GID last year, making Zach one of the youngest.

It's not known what will happen with Zach in the future, but whatever he decides, he has the support of his parents.

"I would love to have my son back, but I want him to be happy," his mother said. "If this is the route he wants to take - if this is what makes him happy - then so be it. I would rather him have my full support."


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