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Mother Of Son With Severe Eczema Speaks Out About His Struggles

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A boy in England who reportedly suffers from a severe case of eczema told his parents he would rather die than continue living with the condition.

Dana Bishop, 36, recently told reporters about her son Morgan’s battle with eczema. She says her 5-year-old son has dealt with the condition since he was 4 months old, according to Metro UK.

Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition that causes skin to become dry and irritable. Morgan has a very severe version of the condition that causes the skin of his feet and legs to become so painful he cannot walk. He also is often tired because he is in too much pain to sleep during the night.

The condition has gotten so bad Dana has had to give up her job as a family support worker to care for Morgan.

“We’ve lost part of Morgan’s personality to eczema,” Dana said, Metro UK reports.

She told reporters that Morgan can only attend school for half days due to the condition and he barely has energy to play with his friends.

“He'll come home from school and tell me that he tried to play with his friends, but had to sit out after just a few steps,” Dana said.

Morgan is often too distracted by his irritable skin to even hold a pencil at school.

“We haven’t got lives,” she said. “Winter is hell for his skin because of the central heating and cold weather, but we rarely go outside in the summer either as heat and pollen aggravate the eczema too.”

When he turned 5, Morgan told his mother words that no parent would ever wants to hear.

“There’s no respite for us,” Dana said. “On his fifth birthday, Morgan told me he’d rather die than cope with the pain of eczema anymore — it was heartbreaking to hear.”

Morgan’s father Paul, 43, told reporters that the family is “constantly” applying cream to Morgan’s skin.

The boy also has a host of allergies to foods, including eggs, nuts, dairy products, potatoes and rice.

The family is searching for answers, as are doctors and other medical professionals. Dana has set up a GoFundMe page to help fund Morgan’s admission to a hydrotherapy clinic in France that offers warm water treatments as well as wraps that may help with eczema.

Source: The Daily Mail, Metro, GoFundMe

Photo Credit: GoFundMe, Wikipedia


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