5-Year-Old Kimber Michelle Brown Dies from Cough Medicine Overdose

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In Hermosa, Colorado, 5-year-old Kimber Michelle Brown died after taking an overdose of two cold and allergy medicines. Colorado authorities are investigating her grandmother, who was looking after the child.

Brown, who weighed only 46 pounds, was spending the night with her 59-year-old grandmother, Linda Sheets, at the time of her death on Feb. 12. Sheets was reportedly giving the girl cough medicine for flu-like symptoms while babysitting her.

The coroner's report ruled the overdose was accidental, caused by dextromethorphan, an ingredient commonly used in cough syrup. Kimber's blood levels were two and a half times higher than the recommended dosage.

She also had higher than therapeutic levels of cetirizine, which is the main ingredient in the allergy medicine Zyrtec.

Police say Sheets, may not have measured the medicine, or the child may have also taken some herself. According to the Durango Herald, police have said, so far, there is no evidence of a crime.


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