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5-Year-Old Girl In Hospital After Being Diagnosed With Renal Kidney Failure


A young Maryland girl has been hospitalized due to acute kidney failure, the MD Coast Dispatch reports.

Sarah Isett, 5, of Ocean City, Maryland, is recovering in the hospital after a medical exam on Oct. 10 revealed that her kidneys were completely shutting down, the MD Coast Dispatch reports.

According to Sarah's family, the girl spent the morning of Oct. 10 playing soccer for a local youth league in Ocean City, but complained that she wasn't feeling well. Her parents said their normally-active daughter hadn't been feeling like herself for most of the week leading up to that day.

"She's had no history of any major issues with her health concerning her kidneys, but about a week before, we had noticed some swelling and some lethargic tendencies," Sarah's father, Steve, told the MD Coast Dispatch.

Steve, who is an educator and soccer coach for Worcester County Public Schools, added, "This is a kid who loves soccer and gymnastics and likes to be outside running around, so all of a sudden when she didn't want to go outside, that was the first thing to let us know that there was something going on."

Although Steve's wife, Jayme, said she would take Sarah to the hospital for a check-up when she returned home from work that evening, Steve decided to take his daughter to Atlantic General Hospital (AGH) that afternoon instead.

Doctors at AGH initially believed that Sarah was simply suffering from allergies. However, after an urinalysis test was performed on the girl, they discovered that what appeared to be a minor complaint signaled a much more serious problem.

“A nurse came in about five minutes after she did the urine test and started hooking my daughter up to machines to monitor her vital signs,” Steve said. “I knew right then we weren’t going home and it was much more serious than I could have imagined.”

After being advised that their daughter needed urgent medical care, Sarah's parents rushed her to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, where it was discovered that her kidneys were shutting down completely due to an attack by her immune system.

The girl remains hospitalized at Johns Hopkins as she receives care, including dialysis and steroid treatment, for her condition.

Jayme is reportedly staying by her daughter's bedside in Baltimore as Steve looks after their two sons, ages 2 and 7. 

The family said doctors told them that Sarah's condition, while concerning, was not likely to be "permanent or chronic."

"There is some damage to Sarah's kidney, but the doctors are hopeful it will heal itself over time," Steve said. "They are telling us it will be about a 90-day recovery period."

He said his daughter is dealing with a lot of "discomfort and pain" as she recovers from the kidney failure.

“These past few days have been really hard on her,” Steve said. “There is still a lot of fluid retention in her body and she is on a heavy dosage of steroids, which can cause a great deal of swelling."

Friends and family of the Isetts have created a GoFundMe page to help the family offset the costs of medical care for Sarah. To date, the site has raised over $4,500.

Kidney disease in children ages 5 to 14 is most commonly caused by hereditary diseases, nephrotic syndrome, and systemic disorders, according to statistics published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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Photo Credit: GoFundMe.com


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