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5 Ways Yoga can Help You Lose Weight

Come on, admit it. You've been interested in taking up yoga, but let's face it, all you do is chant and sleep (pretend to meditate) and  . . . well . . . you want to lose weight!! There's only so many hours in a day. You have to prioritize.

I understand. I sympathize. And I have the answers for you. Here are 5 simple ways to lose weight doing Yoga.

1. 108 Sun Salutations
The number 108 has long been recognized as sacred in both Hinduism and Yoga. There are 108 beads on a mala (the yogic variation of a Catholic rosary), and according to tradition, there are 108 sacred sites in India and 108 sacred points in the human body. Great. Realistically, though, 108 Sun Salutes would be near impossible to sustain for any notable period of time. I'm personally exhausted after round 12. And I haven't revisited such a crazy idea since that 12 rounds about 6 months ago. For hard-core devotees (or masochists), consider signing up for the upcoming Global Mala Event, whereby people allover the world devote themselves to a similar cause (umm, no... not the get skinny cause). Go here for instructions on practicing a Sun Salutation.
Others, read on.

2. Go Vegetarian
You don't have to commit to the whole lifestyle; try incorporating one salad a day. If that seems like too much, one salad every other day, or twice a week. PS. MacDonalds Creamy Chicken Caesar is NOT salad. Eat fruit for breakfast. Have only Green Smoothies after 8 pm (you will notice a dramatic reduction in the tendency to snack).

3. Meditate
For yogis, it's the cure for everything. I used to approach my teacher with endless problems, about relationships, schedules, food, work, life. She'd say "Meditate on it." And so now I do the same. Make eating a practice of mindfulness. Sit down, turn the TV off, don't talk, or read, or feed the dog. Be still. Food on fork, fork in mouth. Chew. Slowly. Notice the taste of your food. Observe the different textures. Be present to the colours. What an experience. Slowing down gives your brain enough time to realize that you're actually full. Don't knock it till ya try it. It works.

4. Supplement Yoga with Spinning
This is your best option and my personal fave. Leave Yoga for the practice that it's intended to be: a journey of introspection. [Inner dialogue on how fit you used to be or how flexible you were at age 10 doesn't count.] Leave the competition off the mat and enjoy yourself.

And finally, the wisest and most righteous of all recommendations:

5. Buy a Skin Tight Pair of Lululemon Pants
A passing rear glimpse in the mirror will solidify your weight-loss goals and set you back on track with Green Smoothies and Sun Salutations. You might also develop a complex, but hey, chances are if you're reading this post, you already have one.


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