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Working Out While Traveling: Keeping it Fresh

Fit Bottomed Girls is happy to announce that we will continue our partnership with the fabulous site Business Balance into 2011. Because Embassy Suites is our all-time fave hotel—especially for business travel—we couldn’t be more thrilled to keep our partnership going strong into the New Year! Below is one of our articles for the site from this year. Enjoy!

Stuck in a business-travel workout rut? Hey, it happens to the best of us (even those who love working out)! What do you do when your favorite DVD for your after-meeting workout becomes stale, or your usual jog around Central Park during your monthly business trip to New York City is a total yawn? You mix it up! And we have five ways for you to turn that travel-workout frown upside down!

1. Try something new. This is pretty obvious advice, but it’s essential to busting a rut. And by “new” I don’t just mean doing side lunges instead of walking lunges. I mean breaking out of your comfort zone! Do some research and find an exercise class that the area you’re traveling to is known for. For example, in New York, you could take a cardio ballet or Zumba water class. In Los Angeles, find a funky dance class you’ve never tried. Traveling to an area that isn’t known for its fitness trends? No worries. Ask a local (one who looks fit, of course) what they would suggest as the best workout in town. There’s no telling what fun activities you’ll try. (You may even forget you’re working out!)

Continue reading for the other four tips that banish travel workout boredom!



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