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Make Burgers Healthier Without Sacrificing Flavor

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With the summer weather almost upon us, it’s time to get out the barbeque and invite friends and family over for backyard entertaining.  While a lot of the typical summer barbeque dishes are not-so-healthy, there’s lots of little tricks you can use to make them healthier.  The best part is that you still get to enjoy all of your favourites!  We’ll tackle the classic cheeseburger here:

1.  Instead of REGULAR BEEF, try to choose a LEANER PROTEIN.  This can mean choosing lean beef, turkey, chicken, pork, or even bison!  Take a closer look at the meat to see the fat content – sometimes ground turkey can be higher in fat than lean beef.

2.  Instead of KETCHUP, try FRESH SALSA.  While ketchup’s great tomato flavor works well on a burger, some commercial versions can be loaded with excess sugar or salt.  Tomorrow, check out my “Foodie Friday: Mangos” post for a delish fresh mango salsa recipe!

3.  Instead of MAYONNAISE, try SLICED HAAS AVOCADO.  This way, you still get that creamy taste with an added dose of heart-healthy fats!

4.  Instead of FULL-FAT CHEESE, try REDUCED-FAT CHEESE.  This is another situation where you need to take a closer look at the labels – you can find cheese made with part-skim milk that’s lower in fat.  This saves you a few calories without sacrificing any of that cheesey taste you crave!

5.  Instead of a WHITE BUN, try a WHOLE-GRAIN BUN.  Be sure that the first ingredient is whole-grain to enjoy all of the benefits of added fiber and nutrients.  If you’re watching your calories, try an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin as your burger base – my family and I love them!

What about you?  Favorite burger topping?  How do you make your summer meals healthier?  I’d love to hear your tips!

Assistance provided by Megan Skinner


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