5 Figure-Friendly Summertime Drinks

Nothing says summer like sipping on a cool beverage in the backyard while grilling some turkey dogs. But if you’re looking for something to drink that won’t derail your diet yet is still tasty enough to make you feel like you aren’t missing out on the summertime-drink fun, read on for the five beverages we’re sipping on—in moderation and with a designated driver, of course!

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5 Low-Calorie Alcoholic Summer Drinks

1. Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus. While lime in a beer seems a tad weird in, like, January, in June it’s pretty much perfect for summertime drinkin’—light with a little refreshing citrus. Plus, a 12-ounce serving contains just 95 calories.

2. Skinnygirl Margarita. After getting hooked on Bethenny Frankel’s reality TV shows, we just had to try her Skinnygirl Margarita. You won’t be fooled into thinking this is the margarita from your favorite Mexican restaurant, but it is just sweet enough to please, and it definitely satisfied our margarita tooth (like a sweet tooth for margaritas, obviously). At 100 cals for a 4-ounce serving, it’s perfect treat for a summer day. Don’t want to spend the dough on the pre-made stuff? Make this skinny margarita recipe yourself!

3. Bella Bella Bellini. This bellini recipe is a peach—in a good way! Only 94 calories and with enough fruity flavor to make you feel like you’re vacationing in the tropics even if you’re just in your backyard, it’s easy to make, too!

4. MGD 64Lemonade. This half-beer, half-lemonade concoction is super low in calories (64, like the name says) because it uses Splenda as a sweetener. Although it has a bit of that fake-sugar aftertaste, if you can’t decide between beer or a hard lemonade, this is your pick. This beer will just be out through Labor Day, so get to sipping!

5. Sangria Sparkler. Always a sucker for anything with wine in it, we recently came across this lower-calorie version of sangria from Fitness magazine that has the perfect balance of bubbly, fruity and wine. So refreshing for summer!

What sunshine are you sipping on this summer? —Jenn


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