5 Easy Steps to Shape Up for Swimsuit Season


Ready or not, swimsuit season is here. And if you spent the historically harsh winter bundled up in a parka, under the assumption that summer would never arrive – chances are you feel less than prepared.

Craig and Matt Lewandowski of Flabs 2 Abs have been transforming flabby physiques into toned, healthy bodies for more than two years. They get results by guiding clients through their workout DVD, which requires minimal cardio, no gym, optional weights and an easy to follow yet comprehensive diet.

If you’re feeling anxious about that upcoming beach vacation or the opening of the neighborhood pool, the Lewandowski brothers offer these simple tips to getting swimsuit ready – fast:

· Cut Back on Carbs & Sugar Sugar raises your insulin levels to provide quick energy (perfect for intense cardio.) But if you eat sugar and do not work out immediately, you body begins to store it as fat. Same with carbs. Cutting back on these two foods will help the pounds fall off faster. *Secret tip: never eat carbs within four hours of bedtime.

· Lift weights Intense weight training not only burns tons of calories immediately, but also for many hours after.

· Eat Often We recommend eating every three hours. After three or four hours without food, your body actually goes into starvation mode – which means it stores fat. Small meals with lean protein are key. Eat whole grain carbs and fruit earliest in the day.

· Weigh Yourself Everyday! Weighing yourself daily allows you to notice the effects of bad eating habits immediately.

· Be Consistent Stick to it and you will see results.  Taking three steps forward and two steps back each week will get you nowhere.

“Most importantly – stay positive! Your mental attitude plays a big part in weight loss as well,” says Craig Lewandowski. “Just stick to your plan and know that each day when you step on the scale the number will be less.”

For a more detailed plan, the Lewandowski brothers recommend their 30-day body transformation DVD. The program stresses a structured nutrition plan combined with a realistic exercise regimen and has helped many achieve the fast, dramatic results they were looking for.

Flabs2Abs offers a comprehensive diet and exercise plan that customizes to fit any lifestyle. Based in Indianapolis, IN, Flabs2Abs provides an easy solution to weight training, nutrition and cardio. Flabs2Abs helps clients reach their goal weight and sculpt abdominal muscles. A portion of all Flabs2Abs proceeds go to Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis and Riley Hospital for Children. To learn more about Flabs2Abs visit flabs2abs.com.


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