5 Challenging Workouts to Try in 2010

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While exercise is a regular part of my weekly routine, sometimes I want a workout that’s anything but routine. We all want to and need to maintain healthy lifestyles, and mixing up our workouts every now and then is part of the fun.

It’s mid-January, and for me there’s no better time to start thinking of some fun, not-so-typical workouts to get my blood pumping while warmer weather is still a few months away. Here are some different workouts I have on my give-it-a-try list this year:

Boot Camp
You’ll have to be (or become) an early riser for this one. Many boot camps start with the sunrise, rain or shine, about three times per week. Cardiovascular exercise, flexibility, and resistance training combine to give you a workout that challenges your mind as well as your body.

Boxing Class

Talk about not being boring! Although a little intimidating perhaps for the non-sparring individual who’s seen all the Rocky movies to boot, boxing is a powerful workout that stresses speed over endurance. It’s easy to find a small punching bag and gloves at a local sports store, but starting off with a personal trainer’s assistance is the best approach.


This one’s not for the timid. CrossFit is a non-sport specific workout, and it’s used by police and military academies to improve strength and conditioning.  It’s a total body workout, and you may find yourself climbing ropes, doing pull-ups, or carrying heavy loads through sprint distances – if you dare. Check out www.crossfit.com for more info on this killer workout.

Rock Climbing

I love the outdoors! If you’re like me, you’ll do as many outdoor workouts as you can. Rock climbing is one of them, although indoor manmade walls are a better fit for the beginner. It will test your physical stamina as well as your sharpness of wit, as it’s a test of your ability to master technique as well as fitness.

Ropes Course

Bring along a group of friends for this one. Ropes courses combine low elements and high elements outdoors, and focus on confronting one’s fears and anxieties (vertigo, anyone?). A professional course is very safe, and it’s a fun activity to do with others.

How will you challenge your mind and muscles this year?


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