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45-Year-Old Kelly Burke Has Baby Using Embryo Frozen for 18 Years

Struggling with infertility, 45-year-old Kelly Burke adopted an embryo that had been frozen for 18 years. The NASA research scientist made history when she conceived and gave birth to her son Liam James in November 2012.

Burker’s doctor said the human embryo was the second-longest cryopreserved embryo to result in a live birth. In 2010, the oldest embryo reportedly was frozen 19 years and 7 months.

The embryo was donated by a couple in Oregon who went through in vitro fertilization to conceive a child in 1994. They used donated eggs and decided to donate the four remaining.

Burke underwent the strenuous process of adopting the embryo in 2012.

"Embryos are not easy to come by and the opportunity came unexpectedly. I was excited by the idea of carrying my child," Burke said in a press release.

"We were all very excited about the procedure," said Dr. Deborah Wachs, a reproductive endocrinologist at a fertility clinic recognized for the nation's second successful birth from a frozen embryo in 1986.

Burke had an open embryo adoption, which means Liam will be able to meet his siblings.

Sources: San Francisco Gate, Newser, Globe News Wire


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