40 Psychiatric Hospital Patients Escape from Facility in Kenya

Police in Kenya are searching for 31 mentally ill patients who made an escape from the country's only public psychiatric facility.

Police Chief Samuel Anampiu is in charge of the area where Mathari Mental Hospital sits. He said around 70 male patients were able to overpower the guards at the hospital, and 40 escaped on Sunday morning.

Nine of the patients were brought back by parents and guardians.

Hospital medical superintendent Dr. Kisivuli Azenga said it started with one patient convincing the others to join in an effort to escape after attendants delayed giving them medicine.

Kenya suffers from a lack of mental health care due to funding issues. Many mental disorders are not treated properly in the country due to poverty, lack of access and the stigma associated with them.

Azenga assured the public that the men who escaped are "not a danger to society," but that it is important they are returned to the facility so they can finish treatment.

The superintendent said patients have tried to escape in the past, but no escape attempts involved this number of people.

Sources: Fox 8 Live, CS Monitor


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