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4-Year-Old Girl Must Remove Her Garden, Per Govt. Rules, Says Property Management Company

A property management company is reportedly trying to stop a 4-year old girl named Rosie from growing vegetables in an unused area outside her South Dakota subsidized housing unit.

Rosie and her mother Mary, whose names were changed to protect their identities, live on Mary's disability payment of $628 per month. The vegetables planted by Rosie in May provide a healthy diet that the small family could not normally afford.

However, the unidentified property management company of the unit claims the little garden violates rules created by the USDA’s Rural Development Agency, which supposedly ban residents from having structures in the landscaped area, notes

A petition has been set up to save Rosie's garden at

According to the petition: "The USDA says that it has no written rules preventing Mary and Rosie from having a garden, but it also hasn't come to their defense and is prepared to let this harmless little garden disappear rather than create a precedent."

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