Girl Gets Bitten By Poisonous Spider, Foot Swells And Rashes Spread All Over Her Body


A mother in the United Kingdom has warned parents after her 4-year-old daughter was bitten by a spider, leaving her with rashes and a swollen leg.

Penny Jordan, 38, was terrified that the animal’s venom began to spread from her daughter Elle’s leg to her stomach and neck. Jordan called paramedics as the child’s foot ballooned and her temperature soared, the Daily Mail reports.

Doctors have confirmed that Elle was bitten by one of the “huge” spiders that Jordan says she has seen at her Northfield, Birmingham, home.

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(via Daily Mail)

“At first we thought Elle had been bitten outside, but I’ve seen some very large spiders in her bedroom and wonder if one of those attacked while she was asleep,” the mother said, according to Metro. “I want to make parents aware that a simple spider bite can have serious consequences.”

The warm summer has meant the spiders have had more to eat and many have not been killed off by falling temperatures. Britain is home to 14 species of spider that have a painful bite.

Most venomous of the spiders is the false widow, but Elle may have been attacked by the common giant house spider, which is often found in baths and has a nasty bite, the Daily Mirror notes.

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