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Doctors Say 4-Year-Old Boy Has Skin 'Like A Butterfly' (Video)

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A 4-year-old boy in Indiana suffers from a debilitating skin condition that covers his entire body in painful wounds that do not heal (video below).

Brody Curtis has epidermolysis bullosa, a condition also known as the “butterfly disease,” which renders his skin as sensitive as butterfly wings.

Brody cannot walk or stand on his own, reports Daily Mail. Doctors say he will probably not survive past the age of 20.

Three times a week, he must be wrapped entirely in bandages and take a special medicinal bath for four hours.

Each day, Brody has to take a number of different medications to deal with the condition.

Brody’s mother, Heather Curtis, 33, has uploaded a video on Facebook to show the world the pain that her son must suffer through each day.

In the video, Brody can be seen crying out as he is placed into the bath water.

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“I hardly ever show any of the bad things related to EB,” Heather said to reporters at the Daily Mail. “I’m always posting cute and funny videos of Brody because I love sharing that part of him with everyone, but only those closest to me have ever seen the awful side of EB.”

She continued, “I can explain in words or show pictures of him until I’m blue in the face, but no one really gets it until they see him without bandages, raw and open.”

She added, “I just felt it was time to really see the bad side of EB. It was never my intention for the video to take off.”

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Because of the genetic condition, Brody’s skin is missing collagen 7, which holds the skin together.

The mother says: “We try to stay positive and act strong and laugh for Brody, as that will reflect on him and keep him healthier and stronger for longer.”

Source: Daily Mail, ABC / Photo credit: Heather Curtis via Daily Mail


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