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4 Chicago Teens Arrested for Killing Couple; were Parents of 1 Attacker

Four Chicago-area teenagers are now under arrest for the brutal murder of a couple who were the parents of one of the alleged attackers.

The Chicago Tribune reports that late on September 10, Christopher Wyma, Mohammad Salahat, both 17, and 19-year-old Ehab Qasem drove to the house of pal John Granat, 17 in suburban Palos Park. 

Police say that while Salahat waited in the car, Wyma and Qasem went inside and beat Granat's parents with baseball bats in their bedroom. When told his parents were still alive, Granat went to the bedroom with a knife and stabbed his mother "numerous" times.

The teens allegedly ransacked the house for money, finding $35,000. They then went to Wyma's house to split up the loot.

When he got home, police say Granat called 911 to report finding his parents' dead and bloody bodies. When police caught him in a lie about his whereabouts that night, they arrested him and charged him with murder.

"(Granat) did not like his parents at all and they also wanted to get some money," Cook County Sheriff's Tom Dart said. "Over the course of months, they planned to kill John Granat's parents and take money."

On Sunday cops started questioning the other three teenagers about the murders. They allegedly confessed and "provided investigators with directions to where the murder weapons could be found, along with the clothing they wore and some of the money they collected the night of the murders."

They were all charged with murder and on Tuesday appeared in court where they were denied bail. By the way, Wyma's father is a police officer.


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