3-D Ultrasound Helps Blind Pregnant Woman 'See' Her Fetus (Video)


Diaper brand Huggies in Brazil recently funded a short film that has gone viral, but not because of a goofy gimmick.

The film, "Huggies Presents: Meeting Murilo," (video below) features a pregnant blind woman, Tatiana Guerra, going for her ultrasound at 20 weeks into her pregnancy, reports 3DPrint.com.

“And if ... if you could touch him, would that let you know what he’s like?” a doctor asks her.

Using a 3-D mobile printing station, the doctor prints a 3-D version of the ultrasound, which includes the words, written in Braille, "I am your son."

The 3-D version also features the fetus's face, which a joyful Guerra is able to touch.

According to CNET, Guerra, 30, lost her sight when she was 17.

(Note: The ultrasound part begins at 1:20 mark)

Sources: CNET, 3DPrint.com
Image Credit: Huggies Brazil Screenshot


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