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18-Year-Old Delivers His Own Son In Bedroom

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An 18-year-old man helped deliver his girlfriend's baby after she went into labor several weeks early.

Jack Fucile, 18, leaped into action after girlfriend Kathleen Martin, 32, began to go into labor in the couple's bedroom several weeks before her due date, according to The Sun. Fucile called the hospital immediately and followed the specific instructions to deliver the baby safely.

"Jack just went into auto pilot as he listened to instructions from the hospital staff and he guided the baby out and into his arms," said Martin, who said she had gone to the hospital several times in the previous days because she was certain she was in labor.

"It was literally all over in five minutes, and then the signal went on Jack’s mobile [phone], cutting him off from the hospital," she said.

The couple faced criticism from family members due to the wide age gap between them. Fucile was 16 and only recently finished school when he learned Martin was pregnant. Martin said Fucile's mother was "shocked" when she learned about the age difference  -- 14 years -- but Martin says Fucile is "very mature" for his age and the two get along very well.

The two met over Facebook when Fucile responded to Martin's post looking for some help in overhauling her garden.

Once Fucile got over the shock after learning he and Martin were expecting, "he loved the fact that he was going to be a dad,” Martin said.

"My pregnancy progressed smoothly, and Jack was really overwhelmed when he saw the 20-week scan. He was so excited, he just couldn’t wait for the baby to arrive."

Fucile, who works as a valet parking attendant, described his thinking during the birth to the Hartlepool Mail.

"We had been backwards and forwards to the hospital over the past three days and they sent us home," he said, mentioning Martin's precautionary visits. "Just after getting back home the waters broke. I was scared but just overcame it and got on with it."

The baby was born with a blueish color and the couple was afraid he was not breathing, so Jack quickly grabbed a nearby towel and rubbed the newborn's back until the color returned to normal.

"I was crying with the emotion of it all," Martin said. "Jack had been so fantastic. Even though he is only 18, he got down to it and delivered our baby without a hitch."

"Some men faint when they are in the hospital delivery room without even having to do anything!"

Martin, who has two children from a previous relationship, says Jack and newborn Jay make for "one big family now and it's really lovely."

Sources: The Sun, Hartlepool Mail / Photo credit: Joshua Rappeneker/Flickr

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