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Don't Blow New Year's Fitness Resolution - Take 30-Day Yoga Challenge

With New Year's resolutions already falling by the wayside, yoga studios all over are capitalizing on the lack of resolve by offering another chance for instituting change.

To get your sorry butt off the sofa and stir the embers of motivation, perhaps a little challenge might be in order. The 30 Day Yoga Challenge might be what you - and I, Buddha knows! - need to be finding our way to the mat more regularly.

Beginning February 1st, we shall all commit to practicing every day. Every day. If you miss a day, it’s to be made up on the following.

Remember, it’s a Challenge.

Perhaps you find it easier participating with a class, such as that at Vancouver’s Yogapod, as many studios are offering such programs.  The beauty of this is, of course, you can always do it on your own.

Choose your venue.  Choose your style… and for heaven’s sake, feel free to choose the time of day and the length of practice that works best for your schedule.  Keep in mind that this has less to do with the 30 days you’ve committed than to instituting real change in your life and health.

As I consider my own commitment, I know that here in the sticks I don’t have the benefit of a studio that can provide me with such a program. I’m on my own.  With no one but my lone reader many readers to keep me honest.

30 days?  Dare I say… I’m in?!


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