3-Year-Old's Penis Ripped Off In Escalator Accident


A 3-year-old Malaysian boy reportedly had his penis ripped off when he sat down on a moving escalator and his pants got tangled in it. 

Emergency officials arrived to the scene of the horrific incident to find the boy trapped on the escalator and crying in pain, Daily Mail reported. The tip of the boy’s penis had been ripped off and he became trapped for half an hour.

A witness was reportedly able to stop the escalator, though the boy’s genitals had already been crushed. 

"The mishap happened when they were reaching the top of the escalator," Nasir Wahab, a spokesman for the emergency workers, said, according to Daily Mail. "His pants got pulled in at the start, before the tip of his penis got caught as well. We used crowbars to remove the escalator panels surrounding the boy."

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Wahab advised against children sitting down on escalator panels, and encouraged parents to watch their children while riding on escalators. 

The boy was rushed to nearby hospital for treatment, where his condition was not disclosed. 

In a similar incident, a Brooklyn, New York, boy died after falling down an elevator shaft in May. The 4-year-old boy, Jack Roberts, was at a parking garage when he rode the freight elevator to the third floor with his parents to get to their car. He then slipped through the gap between the elevator and the wall and fell 50 feet. 

"His mother sent me a text about 10:30 last night; it said, ‘Call me it’s emergency,’” Jack’s nanny, Alice Soriano, told the New York Times. “I called my priest. I said: ‘Please, I need a prayer for Jack. He’s our angel.’”

Jack was remembered by family and friends for his love of soccer and music lessons, and family members said he wanted to be a contractor when he grew up.

“Everybody in the neighborhood knows him, everybody loved him,” the boy’s aunt, Kathy, said. “I think it was just a horrible, tragic accident.”

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Times / Photo credit: CEN via Daily Mail

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