3-Year-Old Boy, Born With One Arm, Plays Golf (Video)


Tommy Morrissey, 3, was born with only one arm, but he can hit a golf ball better than some adults with two limbs.

According to his doctors, Morrissey likely suffered a blood clot in utero that stopped his right arm from developing.

However, he often tees up with his proud parents at the Linwood Country Club in Lynwood, N.J. (video below).

Fox 29 reports that Morrissey started watching golf with his dad when he was 1 years old. Morrissey would imitate golfers on TV such as Bubba Watson.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Morrissey can hit the ball more than 100 yards.

Besides putting adults to shame on the golf course, the youngster also plays football and soccer.

Sources: Fox 29, Yahoo! Sports


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