How Daylight Savings Can Help You Get Fit

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While I am luh-ving the additional daylight in the mornings, the fall evenings where night time hitsbefore most people get home from work aren’t so great. And while we gained a full hour last Sunday, it’s amazing how one hour can really jack with your schedule. To help you cope and not let your fitness “fall back,” check out these tips from Life Fitness to squeeze the most out of your day by maximizing every hour!

1. When it’s dark out, head to the gym. Fall is the time of year when it gets darker earlier in the evening and stays lighter  later in the morning, so it’s the ideal time of year to head to the gym. Set your alarm and get in an early morning run, group cycling, Pilates or yoga class to get you energized for your day. Or use that extra “dark hour” in the evening for strength training or hitting the treadmill to unwind from your day.

2. Mix up your workout by heading outdoors. Gone are the sweltering days of summer, so if you are an outdoor person, use the crisp coolness of fall to motivate you to do some refreshing exercise outdoors. Take a morning walk or run to check out the changing colors of fall, do some yard work to prepare for the upcoming winterweather, or clip on a pedometer and hit some of those fall festivals. See if you can accumulate the recommended 10,000 steps per day by adding outdoor activities to your daily steps.

3. Power up. Use this time of year to renew your resolution to stay (or get) fit. With the holidays around the corner, it’s good to have your momentum going when temptations surface. Your body can be a fat-burning machine just in time for all of those family gatherings. When your fitness regimen becomes a regular routine, you are less likely to get off track. Set yourself up with a program that you will stick with during the crazy weeks between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

By incorporating these tips, the only thing falling back will be your clock. A big thanks to Life Fitness for the tips! —Jenn

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