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This Is The 3-Inch Parasite That Doctors Removed From Boy's Brain In Shanghai (Photo)

A 3-inch-long live parasite was surgically removed from an 11-year-old boy in Shanghai, China.

Liang Liao, who complained of headaches and started to suffer seizures, was taken to the Xinhua Hospital on Nov. 12, the Daily Mail reports.

Surgeons started tests and carried out x-rays. They discovered the 3-inch-long parasite moving around inside Liao’s skull, and immediately operated to remove it.

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(via Daily Mail)

Doctors eventually identified that the boy had a parasitic infection called sparganosis, which can occur in humans who eat raw infected frog, snake or small mammals, Shanghaiist reports.

In some cases, humans can also be infected by eating raw pork.

The parasite makes its way through the digestive tract and sometimes infects the eye, tissue or brain, which can cause extensive damage or even death if it isn’t caught early.

Liao’s parents said he often likes to chow down on street food, which they suspect was contaminated and caused the infection.

"I don't know why he ate that disgusting stuff, he once told me he had eaten grilled snake of all things,” his dad Liang Chao, 42, said according to the Daily Mirror. "And I doubt that many of the other things they claimed to be serving him really what they seem to be. He is only 11, he wouldn't have known the difference."

Sources: Daily MailShanghaiistDaily Mirror / Image Credit: Morgankevinj/Wikimedia Commons


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