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22-Year-Old Gets $7,000 Boob Job, Taxpayers Foot The Bill

Josie Cunningham, 22, recently got a breast operation that cost more than $7,000, and the entirety came out of taxpayers' pockets. Why? Because she told her General Practitioner that being flat-chested was causing her emotional distress.

“My GP referred me for the operation because I wasn’t just flat-chested —I didn’t have any boobs whatsoever,” Cunningham said. “I could never go on holiday as I lived in terror of ever being seen in a bikini and could never set foot outside without a padded bra. The doctors said they’d never seen anything like it and believed me when I burst into tears and told them it was ruining my life.”

What was the doctor’s solution? Enhancing her breast size from a 32A to 36DD.

Cunningham says her new boobs have changed her life and she “can’t wait to do topless and swimsuit photo shoots and become the new Katie Price.”

“I want the world to see the new me and I want money and fame just like Katie —and my new boobs can make it all happen,” she added.

Needless to say, the high-priced surgery has angered more than a few critics who labeled the it a huge waste of taxpayer dollars.

“This is a huge waste of NHS cash and taxpayers will be stunned that they have been landed with the bill,” chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance Matthew Sinclair said. “The NHS is there for people with serious medical needs, not as a means of helping wannabes who fancy a career in modeling.”

Interestingly, even though emotional distress was the alleged main reason behind her boob job, Josie later confessed that she had never been depressed about her flat chest and she was never teased about it at school.

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Sources: Sun, MSN

Photo Credit: HuffPo/Ross Parry


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