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21-Year-Old Student Does Mushrooms, Is Rescued Naked on Mountaintop

Taylor Powers, a 21-year-old student at Boulder in Colorado, took mushrooms on Sunday and went on a hike with her friends. As time passed, Powers somehow came to strip down completely naked, eventually getting to a state where she had to be physically restrained.

Police received a call reporting that a female hiker had been spotted “high on mushrooms and in distress,” in Chautauqua Park, says The Smoking Gun.

Naturally, a team of 35 officials gathered, a combination of “Boulder rangers, Sheriff’s deputies, and other assorted personnel” to handle the situation. Apparently, Powers had become out of control when she began to fight with her friends. When she was found by officials, she was being restrained by two male companions.

“Rescuers handcuffed the unruly Powers,” writes the Inquisitr, “who struggled even as she was placed in a rescue basket.”

The Daily Camera notes that it took them an hour to finally get Powers to a shelter close by, and she was later taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Powers was charged by police with “unlawful consumption of a controlled substance,” reports the Inquisitr. “Authorities,” they write, “are considering further charges against the other two students involved.”

Powers apparently has not commented about the incident via her Facebook page.

Sources: Daily Camera, Inquisitr, The Smoking Gun


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