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2012 Olympics: Chinese Doctor Accuses Michael Phelps of Steroid Abuse

AfterJohn Leonard, executive director of the World Swimming Coaches Association,brought into question 16-year-old Chinese olympic gold medal winner Ye Shiwen's performance at the Olympics by calling it “suspicious,” former Chinese Olympic doctorChen Zhanghaoresponded by accusing 19-time medalist Michael Phelps of steroid use.

Asked whether he thought Ye's performance at the Olympics was abnormal, Dr. Chen responded “Abnormal?America's Phelps broke seven world records! Is he normal?”

However, Dr. Chen has no evidence of any steroid use by Phelps – leaving his claim in a strictly accusatory place: “I suspect Phelps but, without evidence, I have to recognize that we should be grounded in facts."

Dr. Chen has lead Olympic medical teams in Los Angeles, Seoul and Barcelona.But Dr. Chen has been involved with doping controversies of his own, after news came out China was involved ofdoping scandalsthrough the 1980s and into the '90s.

No matter, Dr. Chen has long suspected Phelps of using steroids, but said without evidence he has stayed silent.

“The Americans have made many extraordinary performances but without evidence we have kept silent.”

If that is the case, then why would Dr. Chen come out just recently with this claim, despite any source of evidence. Well as it sounds, Dr. Chen is making statements without any logic or reason.

“The Western media has always been arrogant, and suspicious of Chinese people.”

“The Americans are very bad, they do a lot of evil,” Chen said. “But they don’t talk about themselves.”

To accuse Americans as a whole of this and Phelps without any shred of evidence is simply defamatory, and should not even be heard.

Phelps is arguably the greatest Olympian of all time, with 19 medals to his name, including 15 gold medals. Phelps also set an Olympic record at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing with eight gold medals.

While some may question Phelps' abilities in the pool, and with any claim in general, the must be evidence to back up the statement.

Dr. Chen's original purpose was to defend Ye in accusations made against her, but by deflecting the question to Phelps, he dug himself another hole by creating this controversy.

Even after his Olympic experience as a doctor, Chen is making himself seem paranoid and jealous of America's Olympic success. After reading his statements, one must question his credibility on the matter.


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