2009 Report on Vitamin and Supplement Use, Top-Rated Brands


WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. --- Among people who use dietary supplements, fish oil supplements are nearly as popular as multivitamins, according to a recent survey by ConsumerLab.com, which also publishes test reports on supplements.  The survey is based on responses collected in November from six thousand supplement users who receive the company’s e-newsletter.

“We conduct the annual survey to help direct our lab testing toward products of greatest interest to our subscribers; but the survey also yields unparalleled insight into the preferences of people who use supplements and nutritional products,” said Tod Cooperman, MD, President of ConsumerLab.com. Among the survey’s key findings:

*  Multivitamins were used by 73.8% of all respondents, followed in popularity by fish oil (71.6%), calcium (55.3%) and CoQ10 (50.9%) supplements. Among people using ten or more supplements each day, use of fish oil (84.8%) exceeded that of multivitamins (75.5%), and use of CoQ10 (78.9%) exceeded that of calcium (67.6%).

* Use of most supplements increased with age, while use of multivitamins declined slightly.  Dramatic increases with age were seen with vitamin D (use increased from 21.0% among those under age 35 to 47.4% among those 65 years and older) and CoQ10 (use increased from 28.8% to 60.1% for the two age groups, respectively).

Ratings were given for 1,087 brands and 380 merchants. Fifty-five brands and 28 merchants received at least one hundred consumer ratings and, among these, the following received the highest overall satisfaction ratings within their market segments.

Top-rated Supplement Brands:

* Catalogue/Internet Brand: Puritan’s Pride
* Direct Selling (MLM) Brand: Nutrilite
* Discount/Warehouse Brand: Member’s Mark (Sam’s Club)
* Grocery Store Brand: Equate (Albertson’s)
* Healthcare Practitioner Brand: Pure Encapsulations
* Health Food Store Brand: Barlean’s
* Mass Market Brand: Nature Made
* Pharmacy Brand: CVS
* Vitamin Store Brand: Vitamin World

Top-rated Supplement Merchants:

* Catalogue/Internet: Puritan's Pride
* Direct Sales (MLM): Nutrilite
* Grocery Store: Trader Joe's
* Mass Market: Target
* Online Retailer: iherb.com
* Pharmacy: Walgreens
* Vitamin Store: Vitamin World
* Warehouse Store: Costco

A comprehensive eighty-six page report based on the ConsumerLab.com 2009 Survey of Vitamin and Supplement Users is available for purchase. For more information or to purchase the report, click here.



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