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20-Year-Old Toddler Brooke Greenberg's Condition Leaves Her in Child's Body

Twenty-year-old Brooke Greenberg has a disease so rare doctors don't have a name for it, but its effects are obvious. The illness leaves her trapped in a toddler's body with the cognitive ability of a nine-month-old to a one-year-old child. 

Doctors call it "Syndrome X," according to the Examiner. Brooke's parents take care of her just as one would take care of a toddler. She travels in a push chair, still has her baby teeth, and is unable to talk. 

Fortunately, Brooke's younger sister does not appear to have Syndrome X. 

Doctors see Brooke as a medical miracle, as she has survived multiple medical emergencies, a stroke, and brain seizure without any lasting effects. Once, Brooke was in a coma for two weeks, and doctors diagnosed her with a brain tumor. After she emerged from the coma, the tumor was gone.

She has made several television appearances, and most recently was on the show "Katie." On the show, her mother said she often lies about Brooke's age when people ask. To avoid confusion and explaining Brooke's complex condition, her mother says she is 20 months old rather than 20 years old.


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