2-Year-Old Suspended From Daycare For Bringing In A Cheese Sandwich


A two-year-old girl has reportedly been suspended from daycare for three days because she brought in a cheese sandwich.

The girl’s father, Randy Murray, says that he didn’t have enough time to feed his two children breakfast while trying to get them out the door one morning, so he quickly made them each a cheese sandwich so that they could eat in the car on the way to daycare.

Unbeknownst to Murray, his daughter, Faith, decided not to eat the sandwich during the ride to Centre de l'Enfant aux 4 Vente daycare and instead slipped it in her pocket to save for later.

As Murray escorted his children into the daycare facility, a staff member immediately noticed the sandwich sticking out of the toddler’s pocket. The sandwich was promptly confiscated, as the daycare has a strict policy that does not allow outside food. Murray says he completely understands why they took the sandwich away, but he didn’t expect them to suspend the two-year-old for three days.

"I thought they were joking,” recalled Murray of being told his daughter was suspended. “I was like why would I bring one kid home and be home from doing work and everything ... I'd bring them both home and that's the end of that."

The daycare defends its policy, which states that if outside food not containing peanuts is taken into the facility, the child automatically receives a mandatory three-day suspension. If the food actually contains peanuts, however, the child is permanently expelled.

"We need to ensure their well-being and safety,” said Deb Ducharme, director of the daycare. “Most parents are comfortable with our rules because it creates a safe environment for their children.”

Still, Murray says the disciplinary action taken by the school against the innocent two-year-old is over the top.

"I'm speechless,” said Murray. “I wish they had handled it differently. They freaked out. If I got a warning, I'd admit my mistake and move on. But it seems they want to penalize the parents. There's no logic to it. I'm going to the media because I think people have to speak up when something's fishy."

Murray, a graphic artist, is planning to send Faith and her brother, Michael, to another daycare.


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