19-Year-Old Air Force Cadet Suffers Heart Attack, Community Rallies Behind Her


When an adult suffers a heart attack, it is a tragedy. When a teenager suffers one, it is an absolute shock.

That is exactly what happened to 19-year-old Hailey Lane while working out at her local gym.

The Air Force Cadet was spending spring break in her hometown of Midlothian, Virginia. While working out on March 23, she unexpectedly had a massive heart attack and was without a pulse for 20 minutes, according to the Daily Mail.

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A nurse employed by the gym and an anesthesiologist who happened to be there at the time attempted to revive Hailey.

She was taken to Chippenham Hospital, where doctors were able to restart her heart. However, her kidneys failed numerous times.

This comes as a shock considering that Hailey led an active lifestyle. A second-year Air Force Cadet, she was also an All-American swimmer whose own family has said she "has always been athletic and driven," according to the Daily Mail.

Her condition has since stabilized, though she remains connected to a machine that helps her breath and helps her heart beat.

Doctors are hopeful that they will be able to remove Hailey’s life support soon.

Her twin sister, Savannah, told reporters that she has been able to open her eyes and even responds to familiar voices.

Despite her condition improving, the Air Force Cadet may soon lose part of her leg due to the loss of blood pressure from the heart attack.

Doctors plan to run tests for unknown genetic conditions.

Since her heart attack, a social media campaign has been created to show support for the tragedy. With many using #WeAreHaileyStrong to raise awareness, people from all over the country continue to pray and support the Lane family during this time.

She has even had support from the likes of Al Roker, who blew her a kiss on the Today Show, as well as the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Hopefully, she will be back on her feet to appreciate it soon.

Source: The Daily Mail / Photo Credit: AOL.com


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