18-Month-Old Cancer-Free After 27 Tumors Ravaged His Body


An 18-month-old boy’s parents were horrified to learn that their son had 27 tumors ravaging his body. But after 10 weeks of grueling treatment and multiple surgeries, doctors told them that he is miraculously cancer-free.

Kian Musgrove first started exhibiting signs of sickness last summer, prompting the parents to have him examined by doctors. The doctors performed x-rays to make sure he did not have any broken bones and when they failed to detect anything out of the ordinary, they sent the boy home. Multiple other doctors told Kian’s mother that he had a virus or that he was teething, but it was clear to his family that something much worse was going on.

His condition quickly deteriorated and Kian’s mother, Kat, brought him to other doctors for blood tests. It was then discovered that Kian had 27 tumors on his legs, lymph nodes, spine and skull. It turned out that Kian was battling a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma, and his prognosis did not look good.

“My world just fell apart when they told me had cancer,” said Kat. “It was the biggest shock of my life. I just couldn’t take it in. All those times when I’d taken him to the doctors and they’d said it was just a virus. When all along he’d been fighting cancer. I nearly fainted when I saw his full body scan photos. It was just a mass of black everywhere. It was in his bones all over his body. The only place where there were no tumours [sic] were his hands and feet.”

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To add to the family’s nightmare, the money they raised to help bring Kian to the U.S. for further treatment was stolen by thieves during the night.

“Everyone has been so kind – there have been so many fundraisers and people pledging their hard-earned cash,” Kat said at the time of the incident. “But when something like this happens, it’s totally heartbreaking. I just can’t believe someone would do that.”

Now, doctors say that Kian has no visible signs of cancer, thanks to treatments and surgery. His parents still plan to fundraise so that they can bring their son to America if his cancer returns, since neuroblastoma has an 80% relapse rate.

“We can’t believe he has done so well,” Kat said. “There is a possibility of the cancer coming back, so we are fundraising to take him to America for treatment that isn’t available over here. He has done so well so far, and we want to give him every possible chance in the future, which is why we are fundraising to take him to America.”

While it is clear that Kian still faces an uncertain future, it is an indisputable miracle that the 27 tumors that once ravaged his body are gone today.

Sources: Daily Mail, Chronicle Live


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