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Couple Uses Embryo Frozen For 17 Years (Photo)

A baby conceived in 1998 and frozen as an embryo has been born 17 years later. 

Embryo ZXZPN, as it was labelled, was frozen on Nov. 3, 1998, reports KFOR.  It waited for 17 years until Elizabeth and Marty Wilson, who had been trying unsuccessfully for a second child, learned of the Snowflake Adoption Program. 

The program allows willing parents to "adopt" an embryo from couples who underwent in vitro fertilization treatments, and produced extra embryos.  

Snowflake sent Embryo ZXZPN via Fed-Ex across the country to the Wilsons, who promptly transferred the embryo into Elizabeth's uterus. Nine months later, she gave birth to her baby.  

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The couple has named the girl Marley Jade. Marley was one of nearly 500 frozen embryo babies in the U.S. to be given to a couple under Snowflake's program. 

According to Nightlight Christian Adoptions, more than 1 million frozen embryos are available.

On its website, the agency states: 

Just as each snowflake is frozen, unique and a gift from heaven, so are each of our Snowflake Babies. We hope to help each donated embryo grow, develop and live a full life.

Sources: KFOR, Nightlight / Photo credit: Nightlight

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