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17-Year-Old Krokodil User Checks Into Clinic With Rotting Genitals

The flesh-eating drug Krokodil continues to spread across the Americas.

José Sotero Ruiz Hernandez of Mexico’s National Institute of Immigration confirmed that a 17 year old from Houston, Texas recently checked into a Mexico clinic with severe skin lesions from Krokodil use.

Krokodil, which is the street name for Desomorphine, is an opiate drug in the same family of drugs as heroin, morphine, and oxycodone. In 2010, stories began pouring out of Russia of addicts abusing a new flesh-eating drug. This drug turned out to be homemade Desmorphine -- now called Krokodil. The potent drug is made by deriving codeine from prescription cough medicine or pills and combining it with iodine and red phosphorous from match strikers.

Users of the drug are often seen with deep, weeping sores that can develop into gangrene. In many cases, limbs have been amputated after flesh rot renders them useless.

The 17 year old Hernandez reported to the media confirmed to doctors she had been using the drug for roughly two months in the Houston, Texas area. The flesh of the teenagers genitals were rotting when she checked into the Mexico clinic.

“It wasn't sexually transmitted. She said she'd been using Krokodil for the last two months,” Hernandez said. “The young woman who used this drug had an infection that had rotted her genitals. She acquired this problem with Krokodil in Houston, not here in Puerto Vallarta.”

It is not known exactly how prevalent Krokodil use is in America right now, but confirmed use of the drug has been seen in many regions of the country. In November, Missouri doctors confirmed that a man had been using the drug after he checked into a hospital after losing a finger from flesh rot. He was seen with a deep, festering ulcer on his thigh.

“The damage was more severe compared to a regular IV drug user,” said Dr. Unnikrishnan Pillai, one of the doctors who treated the man. “We want to keep it from spreading across our community. It eats people from the inside, it kills people from the inside literally."

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