17-Month-Old Girl In U.K. Was Born Without A Nose (Photo, Video)


A 17-month-old girl in the U.K. suffers from a rare condition which means she was born without a nose.

Even though the toddler, Tessa Evans, does not have any sense of smell and no sinuses, she can still cough, sneeze and catch a cold.

“She runs around, plays outside and can blow the most gorgeous kisses,” Tessa’s mother, Gráinne Evans, said. But unlike other children, she suffers from complete congenital arhinia, which is so rare there are only about 40 cases reported in medical literature, the Daily Mail reports.

Despite this adversity, she always has a smile on her face, her mother says.

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“At first I just couldn't understand it, I didn't even know it was possible,” Evans said. “How did my little girl not have a nose? Was she going to live? Would anyone be able to help her? But ever since we got her home she's grown every day, smiled more and the more she shines the more her differences fade into the background.”

Weeks after she gave birth, Evans researched the condition online and found a medical journal which said that babies born with the same defect often had poor mental and physical development.

She says it implied that parents can be given the option of terminating their pregnancy.

But Evans, a full-time carer of Maghera, County Derry, says her daughter proves that statement is wrong.

Evans' pregnancy had been normal, but her routine 20-week ultrasound revealed an abnormally flat facial profile.

She and her husband Nathan, 32, a nightclub manager, were told to prepare for the worst, but the follow up 3-D scan and tests showed that Tessa was healthy and everything was normal.

There have only been 47 recorded cases in English records of people with partial or full facial anomalies.

Tessa will have a prosthetic nose fitted later this year, Metro reports.

“She is perfect to us but we have to think about what will make life as normal as possible for her,” Evans said.

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